Management Performance and Results Can Be Improved through effective Consulting, Coaching and Workshops for Management and Strategic Projects.

I provide specific Management Consulting support in many of the various activities of management, including business planning, strategic planning, business development, business expansion, diversification and in strategic business projects and activities. We have excellent knowledge of management, including organizational development& training, organization & reorganization/restructuring, as well as business program and project management.

I offer Management Coaching and work as a Sparring-Partner for Executives, Directors, Managers, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, etc.

Through specific, custom-made Managerial Workshops, I assist clients to strenthen the management of their businesses, organizations and strategic activities.

I may take on an assignment as an Interim Manager or Interim Program Manager in an organization if beneficial to our client.

I have supported CEOs, executives and companies with their Strategic Projects in various ways, such as in providing consulting, coaching, workshops or interim assistance.

I also consider taking on certain Board mandates, such as in Boards of Directors, Trustee Boards, Advisory Boards, etc., and in other managerial appointments.

Some organizations may want to improved their business performance and results by making important investments, or by preparing and executing business plans or diversification programs or strategic projects, etc.

In this case, feel free to contact me by using our Contact Form or phone me at +41 79 285 39 04 to set up an informal first meeting to discuss your situation.