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Welcome to the website of DBT (Dr. Bruce Turner) Project Management.

DBT Project Management provides professional business project management services in English and German (project management coaching & consulting, PMP and project management basic training, project management workshops + interim management of projects) so that strategic business plans, tactical business projects, or other activities can be managed effectively.

Business plans are vital management tools to help organizations succeed in a changing business world. Business projects are practical tools to bring visions, business plans and organizational changes into the work-a-day real world in order to actually produce the valuable results and deliver the benefits foreseen. Important business plans and projects deserve the best professional skill, attention, handling and care available. Professional business project management services can help to make these plans and projects successful.

In addition to strong technical skills, sound business project management know-how, adequate project experience and good communication and management skills are also vital necessities for the success of business projects and activities.

Bruce Turner founded DBT Project Management. For further information or to set up a discussion, please contact him by using the Contact Form on this website, or by phoning +41 79 285 39 04.